I bring to my copywriting a unique combination of conceptual, strategic, and creative skills. And I know how to apply those skills to both digital content copywriting and traditional media.
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A Real-deal Copywriter



As you saw in my examples, I create ideas, images, and the subtle nuances that make a person respond to a brand, a product, a message.

David Chesnut, Senior Copywriter


I think a copywriter is a person who specializes in crafting razor-sharp marketing messages. You may have a different definition, but I'm going to go with mine --  because that's what I do.

To be more specific, I know how to A) understand what you do and what you are trying to accomplish and then B) write a compelling message in a number of different forms: 

Digital content • Web sites • Landing pages • Email and ECRM • Marketing collateral • Print advertising • Blogs • Scripts • Presentations • Trade shows • Product naming and branding • Testimonials
(I probably left a few out but we can fill in the blanks when we talk.)

Thanks to my background in very large, strategic marketing oriented ad agencies, I’m a pretty good thinker, too. And I ask a lot of questions. I’ve also had my own creative services firm, so I understand business and sales and the need to find and keep good customers. 

Most importantly, if I get enough sleep the night before, I’m usually a pretty nice guy and easy to work with. 

I'm available for freelance and part-time copywriting work. I'll consider full-time only if it's really, really special. And I won't do on-site contract anymore . Nope. Not me. But off-site is fine. I do most of my work that way.

If you’d like to know more, just shoot me an email. And at the same time, let me know a little about what you are up to.




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