I created a 3-month, end of the year, email-based sales incentive program for the sales supervisors at the huge institutional food supplier, Sysco. (Yes, some copywriters are able to do things other than write copy.) (SOTF) was Sysco’s online source of restaurant supplies – from forks to freezers – and also my employer. SOTF had been running little one-month/one prize “incentive” programs that most of the sales managers ignored. My 3-month plan took advantage of the holiday season by offering different prizes at different levels, including an easy “trial prize” to show how simple it was to sell this stuff. Anyway, those above me took the carving knife to it and turned it into a one-month program. They can do that, you know. But the selection of prizes and some of the other features remained.

And I got to write all of the emails.

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Kickoff for the Email Campaign

In the first email, the copy quickly explains how easy it is for the supervisors to earn some great prizes. All they have to do is motivate their sales people (MAs) to sell to their food service customers using the print catalog (or go online). 

Hurry, just two weeks to go!

A follow-up email emphasizes the usual create urgency message but also reinforces that if they'll just give it a try (please...) this is easy to do and they can win some nice prizes.

OK guys, last chance. Time to get serious. 

The final email stresses that if the sales supervisor wants to earn any of these swell prizes, now is the time to get their people (MAs) out there selling.